Small business job creation plans drop significantly

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has reported a significant decrease in job creation plans among American small businesses, with only 11% of them planning to hire new employees over the coming three months. This figure is the lowest since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2020. This trend suggests a […]

Financial shame impacts Canadians’ fiscal responsibility

An escalating number of Canadians are grappling with financial shame, a situation that is negatively affecting their personal finance management and social relations. Around 36% acknowledge that their financial emotions have severely impeded critical financial responsibilities and affected personal relationships. Chantel Chapman, a financial trauma specialist, characterizes the underlying problem as ‘financial shame’, a psychological […]

JustFA releases online consultation service for IFAs

JustFA, a pioneering technology business, has released a cutting-edge online consultation service for independent financial advisors (IFAs). This powerful platform is securely managed by Seccl, ensuring a reliable service for users. The platform has been active for 18 months and already serves close to 30 advisory businesses. Thanks to its cost-effective, robust, and flexible business […]

Maintaining Your Business’s Competitive Edge

In this article, we’ll be exploring areas you can focus on if you’re looking to maintain your business’s competitive edge. Modern business changes daily, and you need to evolve with your business over time. Whether you’re planning a start-up, already running a business, or preparing to study an online MSBA, it’s important to remember what […]

TikTok explores diversifying with text-based app

TikTok, known for its video content, is exploring opportunities to diversify by possibly developing a photo and text-based app. This decision is driven by user demand and represents a shift in TikTok’s strategy to cater to their evolving needs. The company remains tight-lipped about the development, keeping users and industry insiders in suspense. This potential […]

Financial experts share diverse perspectives on debt management

Securing funds and maintaining good financial health is a subject of diverse opinions. Some experts advocate for strategic debt use, while others stress the dangers of debt. Personal circumstances should guide financial decisions, and balance is key to avoid the debt trap. Being financially prudent can mitigate risks, and planning and discipline are key to […]

AI integration reshapes businesses, stirs ethical concerns

The intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and human engagement is transforming how business is conducted and our interaction with technology. AI, which has been embedding itself in our technological environment for years, serves as a method to tackle complex tasks that would otherwise need substantial human intervention. Thus, it enhances efficiency and saves time. AI […]

Ackman backs Alphabet’s promising investment potential

Bill Ackman, the CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, has expressed a keen interest in tech goliath, Alphabet. He lauds Alphabet’s “unrivalled” business model, its innovative capacity, vast user base, and its global reach. Ackman admires Alphabet’s resilience amid economical instability, attributing this to their technology-focused business approach. He sees vast potential in Alphabet’s varied […]

Proposed rail project threatens Kashmir apple farms

Kashmir’s flourishing apple farms, major contributors to the local economy, face a threat from a proposed rail project possibly affecting their soil fertility and stability. This project does not sit well with local growers as it could damage their farmland and livelihoods. These concerns are coupled with fears that the rail initiative could disturb the […]

Dining out affordability threatened by economic pressures

By 2024, middle-class affordability of dining out is increasingly squeezed due to inflation, static wages, and rising living costs. Many individuals are opting for cost-effective alternatives such as budget dining options or home-cooked meals. Consequently, the restaurant industry is grappling to appeal to financially strapped consumers. Concurrently, meal-prep and food-delivery services have seen a surge […]