Building community as a freelancer: 7 tips to get started

About two years ago, I quit my 9-to-5 job and pursued freelancing full time. I was excited about the freedom and limitless possibilities until I realized one thing was missing—community. Freelancing was lonely without co-workers and office camaraderie. But I discovered it didn’t have to stay that way. With a bit of effort, I […]

How to “Wow!” clients with a strong story angle

Have you ever received a pitch request looking for “stories that make X topic feel fresh?” This was something I struggled to act on early on in my career, but as I transitioned from SEO writing to journalism, I realized what they were looking for: a clear and compelling story angle. The angle is […]

Mental health resources for freelancers

We’ve all had those days when just getting to the end feels heroic. Freelancers regularly face rejection, interact with toxic clients and experience income irregularity. Throw on top of that imposter syndrome, working from home without any real human interaction, and not having the supports of the traditional workplace, and you have a recipe […]