Apple rumoured to launch unique AI App Store

Renowned tech giant, Apple, is allegedly planning to debut a unique AI App Store, signifying a shift in its Artificial Intelligence (AI) policy. This shift is thought to be part of a new plan aimed at integrating AI software from various providers, enriching the current method of infusing AI into its operating systems and software. This could potentially offer enhanced flexibility and customization options to users.

Despite requiring significant adaptation in Apple’s traditionally closed system, this development could redefine AI’s role in the tech market, and lead to a more collaborative environment. Yet, it might also trigger debates on data privacy and security. At this point though, Apple has not confirmed these speculations.

The rumors trace back to Ben Reitzes, Head of Technology Research at Melius Research. He suggests that Apple might emulate its past successful collaborations and share more details about this initiative in June.

Apple’s proposed unique AI App Store

According to Melius Research, Apple is conversing with competitors and employing tactics famously used by its late founder, Steve Jobs.

Analysts predict that Apple will further elaborate on the process of acquiring AI apps from its store alongside showcasing its own apps, AI assistant, and recent Siri upgrades. An AI-dedicated App Store could stimulate vast opportunities for developers to distribute AI-focused applications.

With a dedicated App Store, AI applications covering domains such as healthcare, education, transportation, and entertainment could be showcased. This could revolutionize the AI app landscape by integrating advanced AI tech into daily life effortlessly and fostering innovation.

Reportedly, Apple is also negotiating with Google to license Google Gemini in order to bolster Siri’s AI functionalities. The collaboration aims to improve Siri’s decision-making processes and operational efficiency, enhancing the user experience considerably. It outlines Apple’s and Google’s commitment towards advancing AI technology.

This proposed change might reshape how AI integration occurs within Apple’s Services business. With strategies being reviewed, a more detailed breakdown is expected to be revealed at an event scheduled for early June.

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