AppLovin and Adjust Launch Growth Framework for Mobile Gaming

AppLovin and Adjust have launched a new framework, compiled from their extensive expertise and mobile gaming app data, to furnish mobile gaming studios and marketers with the latest trends and strategies for growth and revenue optimization.

This framework offers a clear view of current market trends, going a step further to provide strategic suggestions for enhancing growth and optimizing revenue. Its primary aim is to equip gaming studios and marketers with the necessary insights and roadmap for heightened success.

Despite reports of declining mobile gaming growth, Daniel Tchernahovsky, VP of Global Business Development at AppLovin, asserts that competitiveness fosters growth. He cites the success of newly released games like Monopoly Go as evidence that the market hasn’t reached saturation yet.

The Adjust Gaming App Insights Report leverages data from the top 5,000 apps, offering a comprehensive analysis of the mobile gaming landscape – changing consumer expectations, technological advancements, and complex metrics. It provides detailed comparisons of popular gaming genres, ad campaign performance metrics, and insights into user behavior patterns.

The report also provides valuable recommendations on integration with industry-leading services to improve app performance and customer retention. This information is valuable not just to advertisers, but also developers, for strategizing effective monetization methods and improving overall app quality.

The report reveals that hybrid casual games generate 800% higher revenue per active user per month than hyper-casual games and have the highest click-through rates at 30%. It also predicts a 6% YoY growth in gaming in-app revenue in 2023, and a 13% YoY increase in January 2024.

The report identifies a surge in installations of racing and simulation games, soaring by 61% and 53% YoY, respectively. The popularity of arcade games also rose, with installations and sessions growing by 38% and 19% in respective categories. Strategy games and puzzle games, too, registered an increase in installations by 43% and 29%, respectively.

The report contains shared best practices from various game developers and publishers. It emphasizes the necessity of suitable tool utilization, tech advancement, Artificial Intelligence, and customization to effectively reach users and improve install and session volumes.

Adjust, a leading measurement and analytics company and part of AppLovin, assists businesses throughout their app marketing journey. They provide visibility, insights, and growth plans that cater to the diverse needs of a wide range of businesses.

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