Want Success? Don’t Do These 9 Things.

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Every entrepreneur has their version of what’s led to where they are today. Whether it’s a specific routine or tried-and-true perseverance, there’s a lot of advice on the “to-dos” of success.

But what about the things to avoid?

There are as many ways to limit your success as stepping stones to lead you to where you want to be. Avoid getting in your own way and making it harder to get to your destination. There’s plenty not to do to prepare for success as well. Here are nine things to avoid. Often, simply switching to a more positive mindset (eliminating negative habits) can clear the path.

1. Neglect self-care

Too often, entrepreneurs focus on the grind alone without taking breaks or paying attention to their physical and mental health. This isn’t sustainable and will lead to burnout or, worse, giving up on their business dreams altogether.

Schedule time to exercise, sit down for meals and sleep at approximately the same time every night. These simple habits are as important as any metrics to measure your business success. By taking care of your health, you’ll see the difference in your energy and outlook, which only helps fuel your growth.

2. Doubt yourself

Self-doubt plagues every entrepreneur, at least in the beginning. Being your own boss means you need to be your own cheerleader as well. Turn to trusted peers and friends to give you constructive feedback when needed, but keep confident in your abilities.

Once you begin second-guessing your choices, it becomes harder to move forward. Getting stuck due to indecision or feelings of unworthiness creates additional barriers. As entrepreneurs, there’s already enough of those to deal with.

Instead, explore different things and experiment with what works. Not every move will be perfect, but everyone can help you learn and improve as you go, which makes for a better entrepreneur and a better business.

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3. Refuse to ask for help

Even if you have years of experience in your industry, stay humble enough to know when you need guidance. Trying to juggle every aspect can be overwhelming and means you don’t have time to concentrate on the things that really matter.

You must consider not only your trade or craft but also accounting, taxes, marketing and all the other aspects that help you grow. Whether it’s advisory support from a respected colleague or outsourcing help for things like social media or copywriting to build your brand, delegating tasks helps you grow your business.

4. Avoid networking

Building strong professional relationships leads to limitless opportunities. Expand your connections by networking with those both in and beyond your field. Start online through LinkedIn. Interact with posts and share helpful information of your own.

Also, attend in-person events to meet with like-minded individuals. It will expand your business circle, and networking can be motivational as you take your business to the next step. You never know who might cross your path and who may be a valuable resource for you or vice versa.

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5. Postpone goals

Talking about “someday” means goals get pushed back further and further. Aiming high is great, but taking it step by step is a more realistic way to get you to your goals and continue once you reach them. Don’t put off your goals because they seem out of reach today. Instead, put steps into place that can lead there so you get closer to your goal every day until you realize you’ve arrived at its doorstep.

6. Overlook planning

Planning is the catalyst that helps you reach your goals. Without a plan, days go unstructured, and it’s easy to do many small things that aren’t linked to any objectives. Instead, take time at the beginning and end of each day to look at the day/week ahead.

Also, prioritize deadlines. Though everything may seem urgent, trying to do it all at once means fewer things are likely to get done or, at least, get done well. Being an entrepreneur means balancing schedules to ensure you have enough creative time to dream and enough productivity time to do.

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7. Play it safe

Being an entrepreneur already means you’ve taken a risk. Explore new areas where you can take the next leap and avoid getting too comfortable. It could be speaking on a panel, authoring an online article, or broadening your services.

There is always another lesson to learn or another goal to create. Stay curious and eager to head to what’s next. However, don’t skip over the wins, big or small.

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8. Minimize wins

There was once a time when you wanted to be an entrepreneur, and you put the plan into action to make that come true. Every time you achieve something, make sure to celebrate the win.

It can be a revenue goal, a new client, or even crossing off your weekly to-do list. Looking back and adding up all the wins motivates you to keep going and lets you know you have what it takes to succeed.

9. Stray from values

Always hold true to your values no matter how much success you achieve. When people slip away from their integrity, it trips them up and prevents future success.

Stay aligned with your vision, work ethic, and how you treat people. You will go further when you align, and the wins will feel all the more worth it.

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