Give Your Website a Security Boost with Windows Servers 2022 for $39

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Whether your entrepreneurial efforts have netted you a big-time web audience or you’re just starting to establish a web presence, consistent and reliable service is the key to tying both pursuits together.

LinkedIn says the typical startup needs two to four servers. While some server companies boast lofty claims, Microsoft is a known power player in the technology space.

Take your web presence to the next level with Microsoft Server 2022. It’s available for $39 (reg. $1,069).

Backed by a name that needs little introduction, Microsoft Server handles business-critical workloads with enhanced multi-layer security systems that ensure your important data is not compromised. Its security features protect hardware, software, and the server’s operating system. Safeguards include SMB AES 256 encryption and encrypted HTTPS connections, among others.

Users of the SQL Server can tap into this product’s efficiency, as it motors on 2048 logical cores, 64 sockets, and 48TB of memory.

There are two installation options: the recommended Server Core and the “server with desktop experience.” Installing the former gives users access to portions of Windows’s server and support for all server roles. It doesn’t, however, include a local geographical user interface.

The latter will install the complete program, which includes the entire geographical user interface.

Hybrid compatibility with Azure and flexible application platforms are just a few features that make Windows Server stand out.

You’ll need several systems requirements to run this software. CPU requirements include a 1.4GHz 64-bit processor. You’ll also need support for CMPXCHG16b, LAHF/SAHF, PrefetchWm, NX, DEP, and Second-Level-Address Translation.

A recommended 32GB of storage will suffice for installation, but users will need 512MB of RAM for the Server Core and 2GB of RAM for the “Server with Desktop” experience.

Regarding network requirements, users will need an Ethernet adapter that can supply at least one gigabit per second, and the network must comply with the PCI Express architecture specification.

Boost your web presence with security and stability with Windows Server 2022 Standard for $39 (reg. $1,069).

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