Bridgit Mendler Steps into Space Industry with Northwood

Bridgit Mendler, beloved Disney star turned entrepreneur, now celebrates her role as CEO and co-founder of space industry startup, Northwood Space. With a mission to democratize access to space, Mendler seeks to merge her love for science and creativity in this ambitious venture. Northwood Space aims to shatter preconceived limits and introduce fresh innovations to the space industry.

Leading financial patrons Founders Fund and Andreessen Horowitz recently invested a remarkable $6.3 million in the startup, enabling them to accelerate their research and development initiatives in the space industry. Such generous support secures a promising future for Northwood Space that includes disruptive forays into the space frontier.

Mendler, leveraging a rich background in entertainment and academia, aspires to add space advancements to her portfolio. Mindful of her past successes, she now turns her gaze skyward, electrified by this new exploration into the vast reaches of space.

Northwood Space, residing in California’s El Segundo, works toward the construction of a data highway between Earth and space. The company’s ambition is powered by their innovative application of optic fiber technology and software. With the patronage of firms like BoxGroup, Also Capital, and Humba Ventures, Northwood Space’s “Space-as-a-Service” model descends the cost of satellite operation, making space operations accessible and achievable to startups and smaller enterprises.

The company’s operations anchor in satellite ground stations, which are designed, produced, and deployed across the globe. A key emphasis is also placed on sustainability, with Northwood Space committed to reducing their carbon footprint throughout all production operations.

Looking towards the future, Northwood Space aims to extend their global presence and usher in satellite technology advancements that revolutionize data transmission between Earth and space.

Lastly, the company invests deeply in community building and partnerships, remaining always open to fresh ideas and perspectives. At its core, Northwood Space strives not only in the business of satellite communication, but in creating a more interconnected global society via the power of space data transmissions.

Under the shared leadership of Griffin Cleverly and Shaurya Luthra, Northwood Space continues its preparations for an inaugural test flight later this year. Their combined experience, hailing from industry giant Lockheed Martin, fuels the startup’s bold rise into the aerospace industry.

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