Beautycounter Reinstates Founder Gregg Renfrew as CEO

"Founder Reinstated"

Following a change in management Beautycounters founder Gregg Renfrew has been reinstated as the companys CEO by the investment firm that controls it. Although a new management team had replaced Renfrew as CEO he continued to hold the position of chair and brand manager contributing to shaping the brands strategic direction.

The decision to bring in management was not a reflection on Renfrews role or dedication to the company. Instead it aimed at fostering business growth while remaining committed to Beautycounters mission of promoting beauty products. The brand anticipated benefiting from perspectives for innovation while leveraging Renfrews extensive knowledge of the industry.

Valued at one billion dollars Beautycounter is a digital beauty brand that boasts around 65,000 sales advocates and maintains physical stores in influential locations like New York and Denver alongside its significant online presence.

In 2021 The Carlyle Group, an equity firm acquired a controlling stake, in Beautycounter and appointed Marc Rey as the new CEO. However Reys tenure was relatively short lived as he held the position for 16 months.
Despite his experience and forward thinking Rey was unable to navigate the company through financial difficulties resulting in the appointment of an interim CEO.

The Carlyle Group later made the decision to reinstate Renfrew as CEO indicating their confidence in her leadership abilities regardless of changes within the executive team. Renfrew remains dedicated to the success of the brand and confidently asserts that she is not prepared to guide Beautycounter through its next phase of growth but also eager to solidify her reputation, as the companys pioneering founder.

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