Ways To Customize the QuickBooks Online Dashboard

We’ll walk you through how to customize the QuickBooks Online dashboard and why it’s important to do so. The ways to customize your dashboard include selecting what items to add to the left navigation menu, hiding your financial information, and adding bookmarks for easy access to specific features you often use. If needed, you can also change your company name and logo easily straight from the dashboard.

This guide is based on the latest version of QuickBooks Online. Given, you may see some differences in terms of the appearance and the features displayed in your dashboard depending on your initial account setup. 

1. Customize the Left Navigation Panel

You can customize the left-side navigation panel in QuickBooks by adding and removing items from your menu. This allows you to access items that are most relevant to your workflows easily and remove unnecessary items or those you don’t use often.

Customizing your own dashboard does not affect the dashboard settings of other users in QuickBooks Online. Each user can personalize their dashboard based on their preferences. 

To customize the sidebar panel, click on Menu settings at the lower-left corner of your QuickBooks Online dashboard, and then select Customize this menu, as shown below.

Steps showing how you can navigate to the screen where you can customize the left navigation menu in QuickBooks Online

Preparing to customize the left-side menu bar in QuickBooks

Next, check the items you wish to add to your menu and uncheck those you want to exclude. Also, you can drag and drop the items and reorganize them in the order you want. For instance, if you often use the Payroll feature, then you may drag it to the top of the menu for easy access.

Steps showing how you can navigate to the screen where you can customize the left navigation menu in QuickBooks Online

Customizing the left navigation menu in QuickBooks

Click on the Bookmarks tab to add frequently used features as bookmarked items at the top of the menu bar. For example, if you add Bill, Invoices, and Reconcile to your bookmarks, these three items will appear at the top of your menu, as shown below.

QuickBooks Online dashboard highlighting bookmarked items in the left sidebar

Bookmarked items in QuickBooks Online for easy access

With the previous QuickBooks version, users had the option to switch between the Business View and Accountant View depending on their roles and the tasks they needed to perform. Now, QuickBooks Online has consolidated the new QuickBooks to a single navigation menu based on the Accountant View. This means all users will see the same menu, regardless of which view they are in.

2. Hide Your Financial Information

Admin users can hide the information displayed on the Get things done and Business Overview sections by turning the Privacy toggle on. This hides the entire page, allowing you or your accountant to work on your data in “privacy” mode.

Turn this on in situations where there are people walking by or potentially glancing at your screen. Your information won’t show up to you until you toggle it back to off.

Screen showing how to turn on the Privacy toggle in QuickBooks Online

Turning Privacy toggle on in QuickBooks

Turning privacy off in your dashboard doesn’t affect the visibility of the financial information to other users. If you need to limit access to certain users, such as accounts receivable (A/R) clerks and sales representatives, then you must personalize their access and roles. For this, we have a guide on how to set up multiple users in QuickBooks Online, which also covers how to customize users’ roles and permissions.

3. Customize the Business Overview

The Business Overview tab is where you’ll find the summary of your company’s financial health, showing key performance indicators (KPIs), charts, and graphs. You can customize this tab by rearranging the order the reports are displayed. This means you can prioritize and display the most important reports at the top of the Business Overview tab.

To do this, click on a chart or graph and drag it to the order you desire.

Business overview tab in QuickBooks showing how to customize the graphs and charts

Customizing the Business Overview tab in QuickBooks

4. Update Company Name & Logo Straight From Your Dashboard

If you didn’t finalize your company name and logo during the initial account setup or there are changes to your business structure, then you can update them easily by clicking the displayed company name or logo on your dashboard.

QuickBooks Online dashboard highlighting the company name and logo

Updating company name and logo from the dashboard

By doing so, QuickBooks will take you automatically to the Company tab under Account and Settings, where you can update the company name and logo easily.

This guide is focused mostly on how to customize the appearance of the QuickBooks Online dashboard. If you need to customize the other aspects of your QuickBooks Online experience, you may be interested in our tutorials on:

Why Customize the QuickBooks Online Dashboard?

  • Quick access to important features: By customizing the side navigation menu and adding bookmarks, you can access features that you use frequently. For instance, if you often use the Payroll feature, then you can display it on top of the menu for easier access.
  • Efficient task management: Since you can remove unnecessary or less frequently used features from your dashboard, you can focus on the most relevant information and tasks.
  • Personalized insights: By rearranging the order of the reports in the Business Overview tab, you can see the most important information first.
  • Improved visual representation: By arranging data in a way that makes sense to you, reports become more visually appealing and easier to read.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can customize your QuickBooks dashboard by reorganizing the left navigation menu, adding bookmarks, hiding your financial information, and updating your company name and logo.

Yes, you can drag and drop items to rearrange their order on the dashboard. You can also select which items to include and exclude.

Yes, all QuickBooks Online plans have customizable dashboards.

No, you can’t. QuickBooks currently doesn’t provide options for customizing the color scheme of the dashboard.

Wrap Up

You’ve just learned how to customize the QuickBooks Online dashboard. If you need help learning how to use the other features of the platform, you may check out our free QuickBooks Online tutorials.

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