Man Accidentally Orders 200 McNuggets, Feeds Neighborhood

McDonald’s will gladly Super Size any order, but one family’s accidental mistake using a delivery app resulted in an order of epic-sized proportions — including 200 McNuggets.

In a video that’s been viewed over 11 million times, a TikToker named Jessica Vaccaro shared what happened when her husband accidentally hit the 20x multiplier on an order of 10-piece nuggets while using DoorDash.

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“Please tell me that’s it. Is that it,” she asks her mother in the clip, who begins unpacking the boxes while in hysterics. “Where is the food we ordered? Oh, my God, we did not order 185 chicken nuggets, I think we ordered more.”

Vaccaro’s husband, Chris Mullane, told TODAY that the order ended up being four or five burgers and fries, plus the 200 nuggets in total.

“My attention to detail in regards to things like that wasn’t huge,” he told the outlet. “Pay attention to the details. And maybe let your wife order.”

The incident originally took place in 2017, but the Long Beach, California, couple posted the footage this month.

Viewers were in stitches over the antics.

“I would still eat that in one sitting,” one person joked.

“Lord, I’ve seen what you’ve done for other people, and I want that for me,” another said.

In a follow-up video, Vaccaro said the only indication that something was awry was when their DoorDash delivery driver texted them that the order was taking longer because they were making everything fresh.

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“I’m like, ‘Is this a prank’,” she told viewers. “After we realized that Chris messed up the order, we just lost it. We were fortunate enough that that amount [of money spent] didn’t matter.”

The couple said they donated the extra food.

Safe to say, everyone ended up Lovin’ It.

DoorDash did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur’s request comment.

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