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Glow Beyond the shower

Soapy Faith redefines sensitive skincare, eliminating guesswork for those with delicate or eczema-prone skin. Enjoy fun, effective products that cleanse, hydrate, and restore glow without irritation.

About the product

Discover your favorite soap and bodycare, brimming with plant ingredients for gentle cleansing and hydration. Ideal for sensitive to eczema-prone skin. Celebrated in over 6000 reviews, it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and devoid of harsh chemicals, ensuring a natural glow and heavenly scent.

About the founders

Breast cancer survivor Krystal James, co-founded Soapy Faith focusing on gentle bodycare. Michelle Johnson, with a corporate background, spearheaded its growth, aiming for top-rated sensitive skin care. Operations expert Brittney Follings ensures product excellence and leads community outreach, making Soapy Faith a comprehensive endeavor.

Holiday Discount Code

Use the discount code to give the gift of glow and enjoy 20% off your purchase at checkout.

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