The Best Destinations for Young CEOs Looking to Embrace Nature 

As some of the world’s most hardworking individuals, CEOs have to deal with the constant demands and responsibilities that could leave them exhausted. Thus, CEOs must recognize the benefits of taking a break.

Spending time in nature is the best option for CEOs looking to unwind and escape the stresses of work. Studies show that being in nature can lower stress and reduce feelings of anxiety. The soothing sounds and tranquil atmosphere allow CEOs to clear their minds and relax.

Here are some of the best destinations for young CEOs looking to embrace nature.


Known for its stunning beaches and beautiful natural landscapes, Hawaii offers some great experiences for nature lovers and adventurous travelers. It’s an ideal destination for young CEOs looking to embrace nature, where you can hike through lush rainforests, discover majestic waterfalls, and chill out at the beach as you soak up the beauty of nature.

Hiking is one of the best ways to experience the beautiful nature of Hawaii. Depending on which island you visit, you can find a hiking trail to suit you. The Kalalau Trail on Kauai Island is arguably one of Hawaii’s most famous hikes. It’s approximately 22 miles long and is particularly renowned for the incredibly stunning views of the Na Pali Coast. Another thing that makes this hike unique is that it’s the only possible way to access the remote Kalalau Beach by land. With its turquoise blue waters and soft white sands, Kalalau Beach is the perfect place to relax after a rigorous hike.

It’s an easy walk leading to a lighthouse at the tip of the trail. Like most hiking trails in Hawaii, this will lead you to a beautiful beach with a serene and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and soaking up the views.


Rwanda may be more famous for its incredible wildlife, but its lush rainforest and undulating hills make it a haven for young CEOs looking to embrace nature. Going on wildlife safaris in Rwanda is one of the best ways to appreciate the country’s stunning nature. Your safari adventure can include visits to the Virunga Mountains, Kigali, Lake Kivu, and Nyungwe Forest.

Follow in the footsteps of world-famous primatologist Dian Fossey on a trek to the Virunga Mountains in search of mountain gorillas. Encompassing six volcanoes, they are a protected area aimed at safeguarding families of gorillas. Trekking remains one of the most popular activities in the area, and to further protect the primates, they only issue limited numbers of permits.

Akagera National Park is another place to visit to discover Rwanda’s beautiful nature. It’s an ideal place for visitors to witness large herds of wildlife, from zebras to giraffes and elephants.

You can also enjoy sightings of crocodiles and hippos while boating along Akagera’s largest lake, Ihema, which is also home to over 500 species of birds. Another fantastic place for birders in Rwanda is Nyungwe National Park, home to over 300 bird species.


CEOs looking for a unique place to embrace nature should consider an Antarctic adventure. As the remotest continent on Earth, Antarctica boasts astonishing landscapes, which you can discover on your visit. Covered with ice and snow, you’ll be exploring through icy seas, coming across giant icebergs, and hiking through snow-driven deserts. Aside from the views, your Antarctic adventure offers an incredible opportunity to get close to fascinating wildlife, such as penguins and humpback whales.

Antarctica is a massive area with enough adventure for everyone. Those looking to immerse themselves in nature can try an exciting range of activities, such as sea kayaking, an exciting way to discover the mesmerizing views of Antarctica’s icy waters. Most expeditions take place in small groups of less than 20 people. As you paddle through ice floes, keep your eyes peeled for whales swimming and playing in the waters.

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider snorkeling and diving in the clear waters of Antarctica. Adventurous CEOs brave enough to don a dry suit and take the plunge will be rewarded with incredibly stunning underwater scenery, not to mention fascinating wildlife.

The Galapagos Islands  

The Galapagos Islands are renowned for their diverse landscapes and incredible animal species and definitely should be on the bucket list of CEOs who love nature and wildlife. Also called the Enchanted Islands, it is the perfect destination for anyone interested in exploring the great outdoors.

Many luxury cruises in the Galapagos Islands can take you to various islands, each of which is a sanctuary for fascinating wildlife, such as the famed giant tortoises, while you relax in the lap of luxury aboard your cruise. These cruises include nature excursions, such as hiking through a unique lava rock trail, where you’ll have the opportunity to see blue-footed boobies, sea lions, marine iguanas, and more!

If you’re more interested in exploring from the water, you can join a kayaking expedition, where you paddle along the rugged shoreline of the Galapagos Islands with a guide. You’ll be surprised to see several animals swimming by your side, such as the quirky sea lions and penguins – a truly fascinating experience!


Patagonia is a haven for nature lovers, which makes it a perfect destination for CEOs who want to spend time in nature. Hiking remains popular in the region, with many scenic trails taking you to places with the most epic views.

Whether you opt for a full-day hike or a multi-day trek, Patagonia will have a trail to suit your needs. Some of the most famous hikes include the Towers Base Hike and the Frenchman Valley Trail in Torres del Paine National Park. If you prefer more challenging treks, the W Trek and Torres del Paine Circuit treks would be something to consider.

A more unique way to soak up Patagonia’s natural beauty is on a horseback riding adventure. Many tour companies can arrange a horseback riding adventure to places like El Chalten in Argentina and Torres Del Paine in Chile, which have otherworldly landscapes.

Cycling is another popular activity in Patagonia. What’s great is that many of the cycling trails in the region are easy and don’t require you to bike through steep valleys. Even the remote cycling trails of Torres del Paine National Park can cater to those with almost no biking experience.


Featured image provided by Roberto Nickson; Pexels; Thanks!

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